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We are home-grown apparel brand build around QualityTrustService

Humptee Dumptee came into Existence in April 2013 with a Simple and Innocent looking Business Idea of a T-Shirt Brand. We had no prior experience in running a business, very little capital from our savings and lots of Enthusiasm to make it work. And so our Journey Began...

The Beginning

From day one, we had no choice but to provide a Superb Quality products. Thats the only way forward, considering we had no spare money for marketing and advertisement. We worked with our suppliers to make sure the Quality, Fitting and Prints are up to the mark. In Initial days, we were rejecting 1 out of 3 batches for quality control, most of the time taking losses but keeping our customers happy. It worked. We spread mostly through word of mouth and fast forward to 2016, Humptee Dumptee is one of the most respected brand in this space.

The Philosophy

Design Philosophy: Most of the work on this site, with few exceptions, is done in-house. We try to keep our designs meaningful keeping in mind a concept or group of audience. Categorisation is done in a way that you could reach to your favourite tee, with least effort. Our designs are Simple (but not boring). Has an element of Sarcasm (but not Insulting). Most Importantly, we have largest catalog of T-Shirt designs without compromising on quality.

Service and Customer Support: Being a home grown company, we understand the importance of every tee leaving our warehouse. We take full responsibility of quality of every product we ship. The experience is made as friendly as possible. Systems are in place to update you at every stage of order processing via SMS, and just in case you want to talk to a real person Call, WhatsApp or SMS on helpline number given on website.

Thank you to all our Existing and Future Customers. It is impossible to move forward without you. Spread the word, stop and tell strangers on the street, gift your loved ones or send hate tees to the evil beings in your life. Just Spread the Smile :)